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Seussical Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals are 5 pm-9 pm Monday-Thursday


May 25th - Run Through and Paperwork 5 pm-9 pm

May 30th - June 19th - Music rehearsal starts for the following groups:

                Cat in the Hat


                Horton the Elephant

                Gertrude McFuzz

                Mrs. Mayor

                Mr. Mayor

                Mayzie LaBird

                The Sour Kangaroo

                The Sour Kangaroo Kid

                General Genghis Kahn Schmitz

                Bird Girls

                Wickersham Brothers

                Vlad Vladikoff

                Judge Yertle the Turtle



June 19th - Ensemble Starts (leads off book)

July 3rd-5th - NO REHEARSAL

July 6th – Kids 6 and under start

July 10th-14th- TECH WEEK ALL CAST RUNS (all off book)

July 15th - TBD

July 17th-19th- FULL RUNS 5 pm-10 pm

July 20th- SHOW DAY CALL 5 pm

July 21st- SHOW DAY CALL 5 pm

July 22nd- SHOW DAY CALL 1 pm

                                          CALL 7 pm

                                          Mandatory strike right after show!



*June rehearsals will be at Willow Canyon High School Auditorium

Address: 17901 W Lundberg St, Surprise, AZ 85388

**July rehearsals and show will be at Valley Vista Center for the Arts

                Address: 15660 N Parkview Pl, Surprise, AZ 85374

*** Rehearsal times are subject to change. The creative team will give as much notice as possible.

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